2020 New Product Launch on TO

As we head into summer, our product team at Tactical Outdoorsmen's HQ has been working on a lot of new projects!  One of these projects has been reaching out to new vendors in order to increase our outdoor product collection.  Our research team has vetted and purchased brand new high-tech equipment and accessories to be offered on Tactical Outdoorsmen's site within the next few weeks.

We want to bring in the most innovative products for both the experience and novice hunters.  The products we will be offering begin with eye-wear engineered OptiChromatic™ lenses that brings NASA telescope technology to blood trailing and clay sports and range all the way to night vision cameras that make it seem as though it is 11AM on a sunny day. We have 5 new vendors we are working with, which means we have 3 other products we are keeping a secret for now.

As we work through the next few weeks, we will be highlighting new products and partners on our social media pages and our website.  Don't miss out on these posts!  Check us out on both Instagram and Facebook @TacticalOutdoorsmen.